fireside chop







one of my favorite things to do is to chop a seemingly "ugly" vintage dress into a smashing mini dress (like i did here with this mumu)... because anything is better short, just like me! haaa, but for serious now, i am a petite lady and longer hems are a no no because they are unflattering on my 5'1.5" frame (yes, the half counts!) my sister Tess is partial to this technique and has good taste in ugly dresses, like this striped one that she chopped, thus making it a stunner!

i had so much fun visiting with my wee sis while she was home on winter break from NYU. she took some swell photos (including the ones above) and now wants to get a good camera and work on her skills, then maybe i'll hire her officially...just kidding you're hired now Titi cuz your the infamous halibut! good luck on your second sophomore semester!

outfit: Tess' vintage dress (cut short), Ash shoes, Mr. Kate logo knuckle ring, Tess' amazing black rhinestone earrings and ring by ? (tess, lemme know).

photo cred: Tess Albrecht

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