flea market booty

last sunday's trip to the Melrose Trading Post Flea Market with my little sis Tess, proved very rewarding. i have been going to this flea market for years and it just get's better with age! i wanted clothes but we ended up focusing solely on accessories for Tess' new NYC apartment...and i also hoarded some more frames. two things i'm fixated on getting next time: 1. gold flatware 2. a crystal decanter for my Amaretto...love!

here's the bounty...

tray for Tess' vanity in her room - can't you imagine perfume on that!? currently reflecting my Forever 21 floral loafers on which i've been getting loads of compliments!

the most gorgeous emerald green faceted glass lamp which i was coveting but sadly don't have a place for, so Tess is keeping it safe in her apt for now. it was only $20! T also snagged a really tall Indian candelabra.

a beautiful real crystal decanter and a silver tray with a lip for her coffee table.