flea market roundup 8.28.11

from yesterday's Melrose Trading Post flea market adventure…. i went with my sister and Joey and we met my friend Katy there. everyone was on the hunt for something different:

for Tess, we picked out some fantastic vintage rhinestone jewelry - she made off with hoards of it (i couldn't help myself and got a bracelet and a necklace as well… just what i need, more jewelry!). we also got Tessie a great vintage rug for her new NYC apartment - bring in some pattern in small spaces - lux it up!

i'm helping Katy do a little apartment re-do. we picked out a sweet vintage, green metal trunk for her to use as a side table and she found a fantastic old painting that reminded her of her Grandma - it's perfect to key into something like nostalgia to motivate design choices.

Joey wandered the whole place and then found himself in the food court listening to music… he helped us carry the trunk to the car later.

i love the flea market!!!