Flea Market Shopping for Meghan Rienks' Bedroom!

One of the tricks to interior design shopping is knowing how to keep your selection fresh. You don't want the space you're working on to look too similar to another space, and you want to find the perfect items that fit its inhabitant's personality and style!

For me, there is no place with a fresher selection than a local flea market. I know what you're thinking — but most of that stuff is actually old! No, it's vintage, I say, and the new rotation of beautiful and one-of-a-kind items every week/ month means there are always great treasures to find.

To finish designing Meghan Rienks' all white, comfy as a cloud bedroom, I hit up the Melrose Trading Post and some other home decor spots in this shopping vlog. I hope you get inspired to shop somewhere old yet new!

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Floor plan made with SmartDraw!


Shopping Moodboard (P.S. Shop this room!)


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