fur and feathers

today was a sunny, happy day and i spent the majority of it at the Melrose Trading Post flea market with my bargain-hunting buddies Avan and Victoria. We got some major scores including vintage fur coats, amazing 1920's pilot goggles and worn suitcases for Avan, floppy hat and feather accessories for Victoria and a 1960's linen shorts and vest set for moi (photos to come later).

i also ran into The Stylish Wanderer who was wandering the stalls and looking adorable in her Le Cadeau ring! she seriously has the prettiest freckles ever...next to my sister Tess of course.

Avan bought a bunch of old photos which i took pictures of above. there's always boxes of old photos at the flea market and i've never had the patience to go through them before today but they are soooo great! there are major DIY possibilities with old photos: blow them up, collage them, frame one small one in a giant frame with a giant matte, you name it!