game room decor

now that Joey has moved from our home office over to the Mr. Kate headquarters, we have a spare room in our apartment! rather than keep it an office, we decided to make it into a reading/game room where we can cozy down and have puzzle/game time!…which we never do presently but we have the dream of a future full of cozy fun!

the above collection of goodies is our inspiration and a little taste of what is to come. we haven't decorated the room yet but last weekend we scoured garage sales and thrift stores for CHEAP finds for our new room. we are going for a 'world traveler' vibe - a world traveler that also likes Sorry and Trivial Pursuit. and of course, we're adding a little bar area where we can display some decanters of booze - we're not big drinkers but i love me some fancy decanters and glassware!

The Deets:

  • Silver tray - $7.99 mock silver from the Goodwill
  • Port glasses - $1 at a garage sale
  • Faceted goblets - 6 for $9.99 at the Goodwill
  • Patterned mason jars (which we'll use as tumblers for Old Fashionds!) - $3 at Goodwill
  • Faceted decanter - $10 at a garage sale
  • Elephant wall shelf - $5 at garage sale
  • Books - free, side of the road
  • Globe - $14 from the Goodwill