gardening shoes

i'm slowly trying to transition to vegan footwear and by vegan i mean man-made materials, not leather. it's tough, and i'm definitely not perfect in this regard because i do have a shoe obsession and i would say half my collection is leather... but i'm aware. it was easier for me to give up meat than leather! the good thing about non-leather footwear is that it's usually cheaper! which is a major plus. the bummer is that a lot of my fave designers, like jeffrey campbell and the likes, pretty much only use leather. i'll just have to wait until the imitations of the imitiations come out in faux or fork over a boatload for some animal-friendly Stella Mccartney shoes. i'm sure there are also environmental effects from the processing to make the imitation leather, etc. but at least it's not promoting the environmental and animal abuse consequences of leather...i'm still researching, i'll get back to you on this one.

these lovely platformey-spiky-strapped beauties are all manmade materials i'm proud to say! got them at Nasty Gal for $68 but they were the last pair, hopefully they'll re-stock! my other fave places for cheap imitation leather shoes are: Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Endless and Alloy.