gel mani and goofy gals

i'd been curious about gel manicures for a while but quite frankly couldn't find the time to go spend $40 on my nailzzz. until i got to NYC and my mani-obsessed sister suggested we mani it up before we went to cocktail hour in the alphabet city - i definitely drink a lot more and get a lot less sleep when i'm in NYCwhich may explain the video above…like, woah…although i was totally channeling Kira Knightly.

gel manicures use the OPI gel which sets with UV light - you walk out with totally dry nails and a manicure that will last two weeks without chipping. you'll only need to change it when it grows out! so because of the previous reasons, i'd say it's worth the $30 to $40 bux. TIP: the gel manicure colors are misleading - they come out waaaaay more translucent than the color on the lid of the jar and even what they look like in the jar! i picked a taupe color which ended up looking like i had a slight film of dirty water on my nails - so i did a 3rd and 4th coat in a dark brown, which ended up looking like the taupe i wanted in the first place!