gift idea indie artists

as i mentioned before i couldn't resist this handmade fairy ear hat from Hi Tree at the Unique LA show. i wore it today and felt positively mischievous...nevermind the 75 degree heat. i made some other purchases from some really inspiring/creative designers/artists but i can't show you yet because they're gifts for the holidays! but the list below are all my faves and you should definitely check them out and order asap to get in time for the holiday...

some of my favorites were: Jake & Micah cutest cat treats ever Peasants & Travelers stellar bags Ococoa the most amazing and beautiful vegan specialty chocolates Alyson Iwamoto unique and lovely ceramics Hi Tree felt and knit handmade gifts (including my ear hat) Beatrice Holiday revamped bags and jewelry from bicycle parts Sophie's Threads handmade dog accessories Love Nail Tree great jewelry Stella Neptune revamped vintage clothes My Mishion cruelty free, hott and really affordable pleather handbags Lux Revival revamped vintage jewelry Bijou Van Ness gorgeous hats and headpieces

- hat Hi Tree, h&m sweatshirt, Mr. Kate Happy Wrinkles Pendant 1 -