i'm having so much fun with all of my new pieces in my Earth collection! seen here are the brand new (not listed in my shop yet but soon!) Glow Worm Pendant Necklace (love this one! - what do you all think of the double chain?), ...Glow Worm Bracelets, Earth Worm Bracelets, Bark Tie Cuff, Bark Cuff, Worm Ear Cuff and the Bark Knuckle Ring, Bow Ear Cuff, Bow Crown Ring and Bark Necklace.

my hair-do was total messiness but i kind of like how it turned out. i split it on the top of my head and did two top ponytail-knots close to each other and braided a braid up-side-down up the back of my head and included it in the lower top-knot.

i know i've been a bit of a broken record blogging about jewelry lately but that's just what i've been consumed with the last few days. i've been so busy i only have time to do some shots of my daily outfit with jewelry and stuff and stuff. i'm craving another DIY which hopefully i'll get around to this weekend.

hope you all are good and happy and thanks for reading!

- topshop leggings, f21 top, target bra, sam edelman shoes, all Mr. Kate jewelry -