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green living: ejecto plug

this is the smartest power socket you'll ever see. it's called PumPing Tap and it ejects a plug if the device it's attached to has been turned off for a certain amount of time. i recently learned that every single thing you have plugged in around your house STILL uses energy all the time. the only time you are actually using zero energy is when the plug is not connected to the socket.

over time, this definitely adds up. even though the power may be switched off, around 10% of the operating power can be wasted. so even your computer chargers, toasters and stereos all are sucking energy while you go about your day. an interesting thing to keep in mind.

PumPing Tap ejects the plug if your device is not in use - "like toast popping out of a toaster." of course, PumPing Tap is not for EVERY appliance you own. you most definitely wouldn't unplug your TV every time it's not in use - but it definitely works for the smaller things, like your hair dryer, blender, toaster, coffee maker..... and so on.

but in the absence of your own PumPing Tap (which is still being developed - not for sale yet), you could just do it the old fashioned way with a quick yank!

designers: Seong Soyeon, Kim Seonmi, Lee Jeongjae, Park Jihye & Lee Yeontaek

photo credit: Red Dot Online

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