Green on Green DIY pocket square, bow tie and vase

St. Patrick's Day is coming up (March 17th) so we decided to do a Green on Green DIY - the first Green because it's "eco-friendly" by up-cycling an old shirt (we used 3 to get the variation of color/pattern) into unisex DIY bowties, DIY fabric wrapped jars, and DIY pocket squares and the second Green because it's, well...green!

See the full how-to of the DIY fabric wrapped jars here

Watch the how-to video for these DIY bowties here

DIY No-Sew Unisex Pocket Square - Upcycled From An Old Shirt Prep It:
  • old cotton button down shirt
  • iron
  • damp wash cloth
  • scissors
  • stitch witchery (iron-on hem tape - from the fabric, craft store or kmart, target, etc.)
  • cut off one sleeve along the seam
  • cut open the sleeve along the seam
  • cut a square out of the sleeve
  • cut the stitch witchery the length of the square
  • place the stitch witchery on the edge on the square and fold it over so the stitch witchery is completely covered
  • place the damp clothe over the folded edge and iron over
  • do this for each side to create a hemmed square
  • bunch it in the middle and wear in the breast pocket of your favorite blazer or jacket!
The Details:
  • blazer: J. Crew
  • shirt: G Star Women
  • sunnies: Urban Outfitters
  • jewelry: Mr. Kate Snake Bangle and Mini Logo Necklace and J. Crew rhinestones