happy customer "justin"

yay, a male happy customer! i really think it's important to have unisex jewelry because when dudes find out i have a jewelry line, they frequently ask, "do you have guy's stuff?" obviously there is a demand, and yes, i do!

Joey is also a loyal wearer of many different Mr. Kate pieces, including the happy wrinkle faces! and here is another one of my best guy customers, the uber cool/stunning/talented Justin Kredible (he's an amazing magician and also the host of the upcoming Food Network show Cupcake Wars! go to his website and watch his videos, he's magical!!!) Justin is a return customer and now has 4 Mr. Kate necklaces in his collection! thanks dude!

Justin and his girlfriend, one of my favorite people, Jessie Payo, were out with us last night at the Farmer's Market for Brazilian Food and Pinot Noir. here he is showing off his new Mr. Kate wares, the NUT necklace unisex in silver and the NUTS 4 U unisex in silver. doesn't he look totally nuts!!?