went to the flea market with Ali yesterday to get a pair of boots to use in this DIY project i've been hankering to do... i couldn't find any that suited my fancy, but i did find this orange hat, and a bunch of vintage clothes... including a, what i referred to as, a polygamist dress because it looks like something they might wear on a compound, minus the patchwork detailing which makes it a little gypsy too. Ali was very unsure, but it was at a stand that was selling everything for $5 and buy 2 get one free! i couldn't resist, so i made off with a polygamist dress, a mumu that i'm going to cut up the middle and make into a wrap contraption, and some 80's looking cropped MC Hammer pants, which were my free item and frankly a dream!

the orange hat i was afraid would qualify me for the hipster realm, but Ali comforted me that the wacky orange color set it apart and brought me back to realm in which i'm comfortable: pop color/drag queen!

-doody duds: old cut-offs DIY'ed from a pair of jeans, my mom's old belt from her college days, joie shirt (gift from Tess), h&m socks and bra, topshop shoes, flea market hat, Tess's Ray-Bans (don't worry, i only wore them for a little bit and they're safe!), Mr. Kate jewelry: bark ring, buried treasure ring, blog ring layered with twig stack rings, screw crown ring, new Mr. Kate small logo necklace, dirt beads chain, and rose gold cereal necklace.-

disclaimer: in no way am i endorsing the polygamist lifestyle by referring to the dress as a "polygamist dress." i believe polygamy, as a practice, is misogynistic and damaging towards the women involved.