• instant matcha green tea
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instant matcha green tea

Matcha green tea is a finely milled, green tea powder that you make by just adding water (hot or cold). Matcha tea is the kind of tea used in Japanese tea ceremonies and it is highly praised for its health benefits which include: concentrated antioxidents and cholesterol reducing and energy producing power. Its highly cleansing and when consumed regularly, can be a great compliment to a healthy diet and workout regime - I love to drink it before I work out. I also love the taste, which is an almost grassy, earthy taste and much more substantial then other teas. Because match is made by consuming the whole tea leaf (in powder form) it delivers much more concentrated health benefits then other teas that are just made by steeping the leaves. It gives me energy without making me wired like coffee.

Lately, I've been mixing up chilled, to-go match for myself using these Rishi Matcha On The Go packets that I got at Whole Foods. I mix one or two in a water bottle and drink it straight or served over ice…yum! I also salvaged an old wine bottle and make a big batch with two packets to keep in the fridge. Read more about the Health benefits of matcha and pour yourself a nice green glass!

Prep It:
  • water
  • bottle
  • powdered matcha tea
  • sprinkle the packet in water - I use 1 packet for a normal sized water bottle and two in an old wine bottle.
  • shake it up
  • pour it and sip it! - make a big batch in a big bottle and store it in your fridge!
  • Category_food>recipesdrinkenergyexercisehealthymatchamatcha green tea powderwine bottleworkout drink