hip worm

obviously i'm super into a 70's vibe lately and my new Worm Fossil Headpiece fits very nicely into the theme! i love it so much! i'm wearing my finalized sample in these photos and i will be uploading it to my shop in the next week. i wore it out tonight and it was so comfortable and easy to wear and i felt pretty darn Renaissance/Hippie special! ... the Glow Worm Pendant Necklace is also fast becoming one of my favorite new pieces.... it will also be in my shop within days so stay tuned!

joey is out of town so i had fun with my wireless remote in 5 minutes time snapping these shots. i am so busy lately it's nuts and i'm nuts and ya look like one too!... i'm posting this at 1:25 am!? holy crud muckers, i'm going to bed!

-vintage silk blouse and all Mr. Kate jewelry-