holiday DIY #10: holiday hair and make-up

DIY #10 of the 12 DIYs of Chrismahanukkahkwanzaasolstice is here! it's an extension of DIY #9, where i styled two holiday outfits, but in this video i demo the details of my hair and make-up!

Funky Hair: - dry shampoo to thicken - serum to smooth - curling iron for loose curls - tease at crown - hair spray to seal Make-up:
  1. concealer (Organic Wear)
  2. powder (Bare Minerals)
  3. blush/bronzer (Organic Wear)
  4. charcoal shadow on lash line(Bed Head)
  5. bronze eyeshadow in crease (Concrete Minerals 'Blitzkrieg')
  6. charcoal shadow in crease (Bed Head)
  7. mascara (YSL)
  8. gold shimmer inner corners (Make-up Forever Star Powder)
  9. gloss stain (Stila 'Cranberry')
Classy Hair: - tease hair at crown - loosely curl face framing pieces - twist into messy french twist - bobby pin and hair spray to secure Make-up:
  1. start with base make-up
  2. black liquid liner for cat eye (Bed Head)
  3. taper line with cotton swab
  4. mascara (YSL)
  5. red lips (MAC 'Ruby Woo')