hot messy

i posted the outfit pics from this look but i wanted to do a quick tutorial post about messy braids. i love putting small accent braids in my hair when there is an annoying lock that needs taming or just to mess up my already messy curls a bit more. a tight clean braid lays flat and looks weird - but a fatty messy braid, made messier with some help adds volume and funk!

this is a good example because i braided in a clip in colored hair extension, so you can see the mess up close.

do it: - braid a small chunk of hair like you would a normal braid - keep it loose and all the sections don't have to be even! - put a clear rubber band on to seal the braid - once you've tied it off, mess it to perfection by pulling down on one section of the tail hair (the unbraided hair that sticks out of the elastic) and pushing up on the rest - kind of like cinching a drawstring. that creates the uneven curve and makes some parts pouf out and look like you slept on it (in a good way). - spray with a fine mist of hair spray to seal the deal.