how about a brush

"how about a brush?" is what my grandma usually says when she sees my hair in it's natural fro state. alas, i rarely take her up on that suggesstion, due to the fact that a brush would only make the chia grow...but also, accept me as i am grinch!

inspired by my truly messy bed head hair (i think there are some dreads forming in the back of my head) i decided to do a messy make-up look using MAC cream eyeshadow in Root Frost all over my eye lids and leaving it unblended. kind of the most effortless look ever since imperfection is preferrable. a little mascara, brown liner on the inner rims and a dab of my staple shimmery gold Make Up Forever eyeshadow in Star Powder #920, which i like to put on the inner corners of my eyes then some messy lip stain and voila, what a mess!

my outfit and photo location was inspired by the interior DIY post i posted earlier today with the different textures and tones of white on white against worn wood.

- h&m skirt, burning torch wrap top, urban socks, steve madden sandals, all Mr. Kate jewelry (Bark ear cuffs, Twig cuff, Glow Worm cuffs, Bark Knuckle ring, Screw You necklace -