IISuperwomanII Colorful Bedroom Makeover for Lilly Singh

We've done OMG We're Coming Over makeovers bigger (um hello, Cloe and Manny's double duty spaces), we've done them whiter (like in Meghan and Eva's less-is-more master bedrooms), but now — we're going brighter!!

For the super queen herself, IISuperwomanII (aka: Lilly Singh), we were brought in for not one but two (!!) makeovers. This episode focuses on her bedroom, which we turned out in happy, infectious shades of pink, purple, and yellow to reflect her bold and bubbly personality.

If you're excited about this makeover, wait until you see her new office! ... Except, you actually will have to wait! That episode won't be revealed until next week, so make the wait easier on yourself by watching (and rewatching ... and rewatching) the amazing, hilarious video above, and checking out the before and after pics and shopping links below!

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