introducing pedro 2.o


Some of you probably remember Pedro, but if not, let me remind you. Pedro is my weirdly small, pinky toe and in 2010 I got my first tattoo to give him some style of his own. He became a man with his very own bow tie and three buttons. Well, Perdro didn't take too well to his new, dapper look because, just like they warned me, the skin on your toes doens't hold ink very well and Pedro's suit has mostly faded into oblivion.

Thus, when Joey and I went to get our committed-forever-tattoos - which I will reveal to you all soon, they're still healing - I had Dr. Woo (same artist that did my little girl tattoo) give me two tattoos in the same sitting and re-create Pedro on my left ring finger... It's Pedro 2.o but I'm calling him Joey's spanish name José in honor of my own dapper gentleman, Joey, my groom (we got legally hitched in December) and I'm not wearing a ring so I think it's cute to have my finger dressed, forever, for the occasion.




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