the stylish wanderer x mr. kate presents le cadeau ring!

i am so unbelievably thrilled to debut the newest piece to my Mr. Kate jewelry collection! it is a ring inspired by my beautiful friend and amazing style icon The Stylish Wanderer. we have partnered together on this gorgeous, large-scale, two-finger bow ring and called it The Stylish Wanderer x Mr. Kate presents 'Le Cadeau'. Le Cadeau is 'The Gift' in French which is all too fitting for this ring because it truly is a gift for yourself and your fingers! Le Cadeau is now available plated in glorious antiqued 18k gold in my shop.... i will be posting photos of The Stylish Wanderer herself in the ring in a separate post, but please also check her blog www.thestylishwanderer.com for her photos and updates about this fantastic piece that you MUST get...you won't regret it! if you get any jewelry piece this year, this has to be it! check out the details and more photos of Le Cadeau here.

-The Stylish Wanderer inspired photo shoot: forever 21 dress/top and The Stylish Wanderer x Mr. Kate presents Le Cadeau Ring.-