Joey Graceffa's Enchanted Gaming Room Makeover!

Sometimes a room is only a room ... it's practical, neat, pleasing to the eye and comfy for the #creativeweirdo who inhabits it, and that's not only fine, it's amazing. But sometimes, when you're working with a larger-than-life personality and imagination like Joey Gratceffa's, a room is becomes a portal to a mystical, enchanted forest.

In possibly our most elaborate OMG We're Coming Over episode yet (and definitely the one with the most Joeys!), we transform this gaming room into a lair with magic (and so many crystals!) in every corner. Watch the episode above and check out the paint, shopping, and before-and-afters below!

The Design:

The key with designing this room was treating the whole 360 degree experience of the space as an escape. I made the bold choice to paint all the trim work in the room our dark green color while the remaining areas of wall got covered with an exotic and dramatic wallpaper. The colors are dark but it evokes a cozy, inviting vibe, especially accented with all of Joey Graceffa's magical crystals! I made sure to have moments of texture as well with all upholstered furniture in fabrics like velvet and faux fur.

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