js kitchen

went to the beach today and on the way picked up some macrobiotic picnic food from J's Kitchen in Venice on Abbot Kinney. it was pretty good! joey got a burrito and i got the seitan "chicken" salad wrap... although i wish it was made with the peanut seitan "chicken" salad because i have a peanut sauce obsession!

yesterday was such an eventful day because i went with my friend Rachel to the downtown LA jewelry district (where i go a couple times per week anyways for Mr. Kate) to pick out her wedding band! she got a gorgeous antique style band with diamonds that totally compliments her engagement ring for such an amazing price... wholesale baby! i'm so happy she found one she loves and i was so honored to be her little helper!

i'm still reading Eating Animals and it's so good!! i really recommend it, it's so informative and well researched...i cried last night reading it. yeah, i'm sensitive.