just stare straight ahead and walk

everyone who had been to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam before us gave the same advice: "when crossing the street, don't look side to side, just stare straight ahead and they will go around you." they meaning the millions of motorbikes and scooters, not forgetting cabs and buses, all of whom don't pay attention to traffic laws but miraculously avoid you...if you don't look at them and keep a steady pace.

all of these photos i snapped when we first got to Saigon and were riding in the bus from the airport to the hotel. it's a really amazing city. it definitely reminded me a bit of an European city, with some architecture, parks and trees, etc. (mostly because of the French colonization from 1862 to 1948) but it is still very uniquely Southeast Asian...check out the lady on her scooter in her face mask and heels!