today was a great day! i went to the set of my friend Daniella's new Nickelodeon show called Victorious. Daniella Monet is one of the biggest champions of my jewelry line, as well as a stunning model of all the Mr. Kate goods. i wore this outfit and felt like i kind of fit in with the crazy funky cast. the costume designer Kristin Dangl got a whole load of my jewelry for the cast, including the guys, to wear in the show! stay tuned for still shots. yaaaay!!!!

the day was a whirlwind, which included Daniella spontaneously making me audition for a part, and then spreading all my jewelry out on Ariana Grande's dressing room floor (she plays the funky redhead in the show) while she shopped galore! i can't wait to see how she puts it all together. it makes me so happy and pumps me up so much to see people get excited and inspired by my designs.

phew, now i'm on the couch watching millionaire matchmaker with joey and winston... outfit: american apparel tights, charlotte russe boots, f21 shorts, gold hawk shirt, h&m jacket (which i DIY'ed with some gold studs on one shoulder, i was going to do the other shoulder but i got lazy and i actually like it with just one done, so i'm keeping it that way!) spikes from studsandspikes.com, nail polish Loreal Jet-Set in "Dive Bomb"...all jewelry Mr. Kate: mini cereal rings, bow ring, mustache ring, buried treasure thumb ring, love loop, black cereal ring, screw crown ring, screw you necklace, happy wrinkle pendant 1, 3 twig cuffs... all available in my shop.