DIY key windchime

upcycle keys into a whimsical windchime! this home decor DIY is both pretty to look at AND pretty to listen to... customize it how ever you want with vintage keys, different colored chain, etc. you can hang this outside to enjoy the wind in the keys or inside for a sculptural element.

Prep It:
  • keys
  • chain (we got a roll of inexpensive chain at Michael's) we used around 20 feet.
  • open jump rings
  • 1 large open jump ring
  • wood embroidery hoop
  • needle nose pliers
  • cutting pliers
  1. prep your chain: cut about 8 pieces of chain measuring around 2 feet - these will be the strands to which you'll attach your keys. tip: we used an even amount of chain pieces around the circle so that the weight is balanced. then cut 3 pieces around 1 foot, these will be to hang your wind chime.
  2. use the needle nose pliers to open one of your jump rings
  3. put the open jump ring through one end of one of the 2 foot chain lengths
  4. close the jump ring on the chain around the wood hoop
  5. open another jump ring and put it through the key hole and attach it to the chain about 3 or 4 inches down from the hoop, by closing the jump ring around a link of the chain.
  6. repeat step 5 with another key. use 3 or 4 keys on each chain, or more if you want! tip: you can mismatch where you place the keys on the chain for variety - we placed them a couple inches apart
  7. when all of the key strands are complete, connect the 3 pieces of 1 foot chain to 3 spots on the wood hoop using jump rings like in step 4 tip: evenly spread these around for balance
  8. once you have 3 strands of chain connected to the wooden hoop without keys, hold them up as if you are hanging them, and make sure they're all exactly the same length then take the large jump ring, and link those 3 chains together and close the jump ring.
  9. now it is ready to hang from a hook or nail or a piece of twine!