hi mr kate world, kailea here reporting! so i looooove my amazing krimper that i got for 45 bux at this cute salon back home in pennsylvania. you can get your own at a couple of these places: here hizz hizzle

and yes, krimper is usually spelt with a "c" but today it's spelt with a "k" for mr kate and kailea =)

here is the "how to" get your hair in krimples.

what you will need: gold-n-hot ceramic hair krimper hair spray

note: always try to style your hair when its dirrrrrrty otherwise you'll be spending twice as long to do it! ek!

step one: plug it in! plug it in! very important. step two: separate hair into four sections with alligator clips or whatever ya got. step three: start with the bottom sections of your hair - open the clamp on the krimper - krimp the closest part of your head first them make your way down to your ends. try to get as close to your head as possible but don't burn yourself! step four: make your way around your head - krimping away and hair spraying as you go! step five: flip ya noggin over and spray the heck-a-roo outta it!

and VOILA!

i was thinking about krimping bear's wonderful coat, to krimp or not to krimp! that is zee question!

stay tuned! =P