lessons in metal orgies by dr. kalin

discovered in the hills of sunny los angeles, the mating rituals of Mr. Kate metals. metallurgy, or the study of chemical and physical compounds of metallic elements can be visualized here.

exhibit A: an orgy of the Loki + Siren + Worm cuffs + Aether ring + vintage worm fossil ring. tendencies of these metallic elements are to turn heads, drop jaws and raise eyebrows.

exhibit B: a delicate staccato of masculine and feminine, this androgynous orgy works day or night, man or woman. Bacchus, Gimili and Geo.

exhibit C: the softest of the orgies. the Starburst handpiece adds a flair of frailty paired with a stronger, chunkier vintage fortune cuff. spotted on the Nasty Gals of the world.

exhibit D: Bark, Worms and Sirens a unique Mr. kate menage-a-trois seen just yesterday frolicking through the streets of hollywood. vitamin D is greatly needed in this species.

-dr. kalin, certified metal-orgist.

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