Liza Koshy's Urban Outdoor Oasis Makeover

I wonder if Liza Koshy's lucky number is three, because it sure seems to be when it comes to her and OMG We're Coming Over! Not only is this Liza's third episode of OMGWACO, we makeover three spaces for her this time!

In the perfect transformations for the impending summer season, we took over Liza's outdoor spaces — a backyard, a balcony, and a rooftop patio — and used our #creativeweirdo magic (not to mention a giant crane!) to make them bright, bohemian oases.

Watch the video above and check out the before and after and shopping links below! First up, the backyard...

Shop these outdoor spaces!:

Now to move to the balcony!And finally, up to the rooftop! One... Two...Three times the happy Liza!