make like a shirt and leaf

i've had this Nanette Lepore tunic thingy that i bought vintage (used) from Wasteland on Melrose. it's two sizes too big but i loved the peachy pink color and all the embroidery. it's sort of a weird length with slits up the side to nearly waist hight so it doesn't really work as a dress… so i decided to just cram the excess into a pair of ripped jean shorts and let a little peek out of the bottom (i'm kind of a fan of this look) - you know "make like a shirt and leaf"…?

i love Charlotte Russe for shoes - cheap , vegan and i'm so fickle with shoes that i don't feel bad about getting sick of them after only wearing them for a few months when i paid $28. don't worry, i put them in to the vintage cycle by donating them to Goodwill!

- vintage Nanette Lepore tunic, abercrombie & fitch shorts, thrifted belt, Charlotte Russe wedges -