OMG We Bought A House: Master Bathroom Reveal!

Renovating the kitchen and bathroom has been quite the journey, I think it's time to decompress by taking a long, hot shower. Luckily, now that our master bathroom is complete, I finally can!

Once the tiles were picked out and put in, the major pieces like the toilet and vanity were installed, it was down to the decorative details to put the "spa" in this space. I kept this room largely black and white and neutral, wanting a zen space that was distinct from the colorful surroundings and work I spend my day with. And I'm not sure about you, but nothing says "zen" to me like a hand-drawn picture of Joey sitting on the toilet! Ha!

Check out the episode above, and see all the reveal photos below! (Shopping links included!)


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See all the supplies and steps I used to create these streamlined shower bottles here!mrkate_omg_webah_s3_e5-61mrkate_omg_webah_s3_e5-74graphics_beforeafter-1280x256mrkate_omgwereback-10mrkate_omg_webah_s3_e5-87mrkate__omg_wbah_s3_e1_blog-4842mrkate_omg_webah_s3_e5-83mrkate__omg_wbah_s3_e1_blog-4846mrkate_omg_webah_s3_e5-58mrkate__omg_wbah_s3_e1_blog-7579mrkate_omg_webah_s3_e5-8mrkate_omg_webah_s3_e5-73mrkate_omg_webah_s3_e5-63mrkate_omg_webah_s3_e5-94mrkate_omg_webah_s3_e5-97mrkate_omg_webah_s3_e5-68mrkate_omg_webah_s3_e5-16