Meh to Manly Office Makeover

Focusing on businesses in Los Angeles, you might be surprised that it took us this long in the series to bring you to a production company in the heart of Hollywood! Of course, there is an incredible diversity of businesses in this city, so we wanted to demonstrate that, and we also wanted to make sure that the production company we featured was the coolest of the cool!

With a name like Lord Danger, what else could you expect? However, before we landed on their doorstep, this small office space did not reflect the old school ambience of the employees or the major impressiveness of the work they do! We turned it all around though, with some dark neutrals, natural textures, and vintage-inspired accents.

Watch the episode above and peruse the before and after pictures below!

Yes, that's a denim wall! I've seen lots of interesting design choices in my day, but this was a first!