$10,000 Room Transformation Giveaway!

I don't know what else to say but OMGeeee this is our BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVERRRRR!!!

Team Mr. Kate has developed a habit of calling 2016 "The Golden Year" — a moniker of optimism and splendor, a symbol of all our achievements and the goals we have set for ourselves. One of our biggest goals is to reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube, something I'm sure you've heard me mention on Snapchat, and in a few of our videos.

We're close to halfway, so every subscriber counts! Let's all be one big creative weirdo family and make #MrKate1Million a reality!

To make #MrKate1Million something fun for everyone, we're having a giveaway! If we reach our goal of 1 million subscribers by the end of the year, one lucky subscriber will receive a $10,000 room makeover and their very own episode with Mr. Kate! Also, for each 100,000 subscribers gained from now to 1 million, we'll be giving $1,000 to a charity that helps find housing for those in need!

So, click HERE to subscribe, and make sure to spread the word about the funnest, most inspiring place on the Interwebs! And, thank you annnnd.... MrKate_thiscouldbeyou2



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Read the official rules of the giveaway here.