mustard fairy

just call me Rooty McGee cuz i know, i need a touch-up but sometimes i like rockin' the rooty look!

i stumbled upon this shirt in the bowels of my closet. i got it last year from Topshop in NYC. it's winter white (screw that Labor Day rule) and has birds on it and mini shoulder pads, which i can't get enough of - these American Apparel shirts have them too (worn here) - they're so cute, i just want to spread some jam on them and eat 'em like a mini muffin!

these skinny jeans are from ASOS' Petite line and they fit amazingly! if you're of the munchkin persuasion, like myself, i highly recommend them. they come in a bunch of colors but i particularly liked this scrumptious shade of mustard.

- ASOS jeans, Topshop top, Steve Madden boots, all Mr. Kate jewelry including the Rosé Pussy Willow Nut Rosary -