my cheeks hurt

last night my cheeks hurt...from laughing so much! joey's band-mates threw a little shindig at Ben (keyboards) and Joe's (guitar) place (which i helped decorate a few months ago, i still have to take and post pictures!)

there was a grapefruit tree laden with grapefruits, a shrine to records, homemade sangria in the biggest/heaviest jug in the world, lots of beer, laughy Joey, crazy music, laughy Ali in her venice beach sunglass-cat shirt, photo-phobic Shaun, and my friend Chris Chelko in an amazing Bruce Lee sweatshirt (made by his friend's company Head Hoods).

ps, thanks so much for the book recommendations on my last post ; )!!

right now i'm watching live coverage of the healthcare reform vote... it's looking good to pass! i hope it does, i think it's very important for our country.

duds: Kimberly Ovitz shorts, random melrose puff sleeve shirt, pink fishnet knee highs, destroy boots, vintage turquoise native american necklace and Mr. Kate happy wrinkle face pendant 1 tied shorter.