my fav five: summer

Violette Asks: what are your 5 must haves this summer? (clothes, jewelry, accessories, food, etc) My Answer: Hi Violette! Since we're in the middle (dare I say end of the middle) of Summer, I've encountered some stand-out staples that have become my current faves. My fave 5 of the Summer is as follows...

  1. A pair of lace cotton shorts - like these
  2. Chunky gold necklace - like the Mr. Kate Vintage Logo Necklace
  3. YSL Glossy Lip Stain in orange color 21
  4. Lorde song "Royals"
  5. A chilled rosé wine
  • Clothes: My cotton, lace shorts have been my go-to this summer for outfits ranging from casual to dressy. I've been favoring them over cut-offs because they basically feel like pajamas but the lace makes them beyond-the-couch accessible and easy to pair with heels for evening. I've been wearing them with everything from a muscle tee to a more business-friendly shirt like the Zara one above.

  • Accessory/Jewelry: I've been throwing on my Mr. Kate Vintage Logo Necklace with literally everrrything this summer. It's the right amount of bling to complete any outfit and its chunky size means I don't have to layer too many necklaces and get all sweaty. Another favorite accessory has been my essential summer sandals - seen in this post.

  • Beauty: I know, Glossy Lip Stain sounds like an oxy-moron…like, how do you get a glossy stain to stain? YSL does! This product and color (orange, number 21) has been my stand-out fav beauty product this summer. It's sheer enough, that you don't feel too orange, but juicy and vibrant enough that it freshens any look. I'm also convinced this shade would look good on anyone. Oh, and it stays put and stays glossy! You can also see it in this OOTD where I wore it with mint and denim.
  • Music: The song "Royals" by the radical, 16 year old New Zealand musician LORDE is my stand-out favorite song this summer. Watch the unique video above where she only makes a couple quick appearances. I love the chill yet bad-ass vibe of the song…perfect for road trips or beach chillaxin'.
  • Food/Beverage: Although a difficult choice, because I do like to eat and drink, I'd have to say my favorite edible item is a glass of chilled rosé wine. A nice dry rosé on a warm evening is crisp and refreshing and pairs well with summer food. I usually shop inexpensive wine at Trader Joes…this organic Spanish rosé I got for around $6 at good ol' TJ's.

What are your favorites this summer? Comment below and let us know!

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