My #whynot Moment: Tess

This special video is inspired by my "because...why not?" motto that I say at the end of most of the Mr. Kate videos. I usually use Why Not? applied to style, home, or DIY-ing as it is my hope you all will be inspired to express your creativity and style because why not, life is too short to not be YOU. My little sister, Tess, is the first person I think of who had a huge #whynot moment when she decided to embrace the big scar that she has, from an accident that happened when she was 8 (I talked a little about it in my Draw My Life video) and love it as one of her "best accessories." It exemplifies her strength and that is beautiful and inspiring.

I'm so thankful that Tessie shot this video with me, she's so brave and special. I hope you all find it inspiring and I'd love to hear in the comments below what you think of this as a possible series of videos to feature more cool-beans people. Let me know if you have had a #whynot moment in your life or if there is someone you admire. Let's talk about it because...why not?


We styled some outfits to show off Tess' best accessory because she is beautiful all over!!!

outfit-1 outfit-2 Tess Outfit Deets: Interview Outfit: Red Romper Outfit: Blue Shorts Set Outfit: My Outfit Deets: Introduction Outfit: Interview Outfit: aaKMA_8373