nails of the week: neon color scheme

my favorite kind of manicure to do these days is a color palette manicure. basically i just choose my color palette and then make every nail different but while keeping to the color scheme. it's a fun way for me to test my nail art skills too! check out my first color palette mani here and my friend Rachel's nails that i did with a color scheme here!

this week i picked a neon color palette with neon yellow as the base and green, turquoise, orange and black as accents. i used a dotter and a thin brush (from the brush kit i blogged about here) to create the designs, my favorite being the feather on my left thumb - i think i'll do a whole manicure with feather nails, what do you think? - my pinkie with the gems looks kind of like a turd, still perfecting that technique.

my nails are getting so long from wearing using the gel polish (basic tutorial here) because they stay so strong! they're like talons now but i kind of dig it... so does Winston and Roxanne when i give them scratchies.

rings by Mr. Kate