natural happy supplement for bitchy blue days

i met with my OBGYN aka gyno today for my usual appointment.. it's important to go regularly! every 6 months is good in my book. we were chatting about hormones and how much of a roller coaster they can be! she said that it's all related to serotonin and the reason you get 'blue' or 'bitchy' around PMS time is because your serotonin levels have fallen, etc.

she recommended the natural supplement 5-HTP (i got mine at Whole Foods) as a daily supplement or just taken around your blue/bitchy days, to help naturally regulate your happy hormone levels. i'm gonna try it this month and let you know!

also, i read 50 Shades Darker (second book in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy) while i was waiting in the doc's office. took 'intimate' to a whole new level!