Niki Demar's 70s-Inspired Apartment Makeover

While many homes have trended towards minimalism and a clean, crisp white color palette, Niki Demar's 1970s-inspired style was an opportunity for this creative weirdo to get her hands dipped into many, many bright colors and go all out.

Her apartment is a very modern space, with a large open concept floorpan that didn't automatically scream "retro," so we covered all of the walls with paint and patterned wallpapers to throw this space back in time a few decades! Watch now and check out the before and after pictures and shopping links below!

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How great is this media stand with a built in digital fireplace?! It even has a heater! I had so much fun rummaging through flea markets and thrift stores to find vintage accessories for the room ... a lot of them ended up on these shelves! A great way to designate "areas" in a big open room is by having different wall colors ... or in this case, different wall patterns!