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new jewelry in my shop! introducing the nuts etc. chains and the nuts 4 bows etc. chains. i coined the term "etc. chains" for these long chain necklaces that can be worn as anything! ex: long necklace, doubled or tripled necklace, wrap bracelet, head ornament, boot or purse ornament, etc!!! they are super durable on the brown cotton cord and the perfect versitile pieces. price range from $85 to $185. so buy one and figure out new etc. ways to wear it and let me know your funky pretty finds! also let me know what you think of the new etc. chains!

outfit inspired by the nuts and nuts 4 bows etc. chains: white urban outfitters t-shirt, black pleather f21 skirt, aldo shoes, vintage belt worn backwards, vintage scarf as bow in hair, nuts. sporadic. etc chain. and nuts 4 bows as necklaces, nuts. etc chain. and nuts 4 bows. sporadic as wrapped bracelets.

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photos of me: Joey Zehr. photos of jewelry: moi