Office Goals: Black Friday Jewelry Room Makeover!

With a woman with a name like Slayzy (née Daisy) inhabiting the jewelry stock and shipping room, I knew I couldn't just spruce the space up a little ... I had to turn it out!!

So what's a Kate to do? How about paint the walls in a dramatic and chic shade of navy, makeover a plain wood cabinet to a vintage-inspired spectacle, and hang a chandelier that looks like it's part of the Dusk Collection! (Okay, Joey did that last part.)

But with the countdown to Black Friday (which is ... oh wait, today!) sending the office into major prep and organize mode, we had to make sure Daisy's room wasn't just looking fly, but was perfectly equipped to help her fly through all the holiday orders!

P.S. Make sure to do your part in the Black Friday sale, and get shopping with prices up to 70% off!


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