Office Goals: Cous Cous Room Gets an Out of This World Makeover
Though I can hardly remember what the Cous Cous Room was named after all the way back in episode 1 (creative concoctor's cocoon? Conscious cocoon of creativity?!), it has definitely lived up to the name!

In this episode of Office Goals, we finish off the space that houses our content creation team with a DIY plexiglass board and a Plan It/ Planet Wall that will house all of the "out of this world" ideas! It was a team effort, as most things at Mr. Kate are ... just another day slaying and making that dream work work work work work.

Watch the episode above and check out the final pics of the Cous Cous Room below!couscousrevealofficegoals_couscousroom-13officegoals_couscousroom-38officegoals_couscousroom-9officegoals_couscousroom-32couscous_acrylic_diy-5graphics_beforeafter-1280x256mrkate_studios_blog-2-of-53-683x1024mrkate_studios_blog-8-of-53-800x533officegoals_couscousroom-18couscous_acrylic_diy-2officegoals_couscousroom-37planitwall_couscous_edit2-1couscous_corner-1planitwall_couscous_edit3-1planitwall_couscous_edit-1 officegoals_couscousroom-10officegoals_plan_it_wall-2