Office Goals: Team DIY Holiday Party

Did you really think you would slide through the holiday season without a Mr. Kate office party? And did you really think that party wouldn't involve playing games, Joey in a blonde wig and Santa suit, and lots and lots of sparkle?

Ha, I say! Welcome to the Office Goals Holiday Special, wherein you'll be introduced to three new team members, watch us make all sorts of merry, and then let our creative (and weirdo) sides out with DIY Spirit Animal ornaments. If you're not having an work holiday party, or if yours doesn't involve ornament-making and Swedish jig dancing, I invite you to party vicariously through us!

Watch Office Goals above and check out some behind-the-scenes snaps of our shindig below.office-goals-holiday-special-v5-drew-00_02_49_12-still004mrkate_officegoals_e13_blog-1mrkate_officegoals_e13_blog-6mrkate_officegoals_e13_blog-8mrkate_officegoals_e13_blog-10mrkate_officegoals_e13_blog-15mrkate_officegoals_e13_blog-17mrkate_officegoals_e13_instramgram-18