OMG We Bought A House: Demolition Sh*t Show!

OMG, we're baaaaaaack!!

After a forced hiatus (in which we started two cool series called Office Goals and OMG We're Coming Over while finding a contractor, sorting out a realistic budget and planning the next phase of our home) Joey and I are back in action and ready to tear this mother down ... literally!

Before we can renovate and redo the bathroom and kitchen of our dreams, we have to get rid of countertops, walls and floors that exist in those spaces. It's fun to start from scratch! But it's also noisy and messy and, when it means I have to wield power tools, can venture into the territory of being just downright dangerous. We also have to set up a temporary kitchen in our dining room... so yeah, not so glam.

I promise no Kates or Joeys or homes were harmed in the making of this episode of OMG We Bought A House! Only some old showers and tiles and stuff ... but they had it coming. Watch the season 3 premiere above and catch up on Season 1 and Season 2 here!

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