OMG We Bought A House: When in Doubt, Mood Board It Out

As much as we love getting our hands dirty, the truth of the matter is renovating a home is a lot of mental work, as well. Until we decide which of the valorous contenders wins the *Contractor Games* (spin-off, anyone?), Joey and I are getting as much planning done for the house as we can. And that means playing video games.

Misleading! Misleading! This video game is actual a virtual 3D tour of your home that can help you plan the placement of windows, doors, walls, or, if you're Joey, random cyber women chilling in the bedroom. Ahemmmm. But we actually made some physical progress too, receiving all of the fixtures for our kitchen and bathroom, and — my favorite part — creating mood boards for the soon-to-be-renovated spaces.

This episode of OMG We Bought A House is definitely all about planning and playing around, mapping and making inspiration come to life. As you watch, I hope you get motivated or find that missing spark from your home, holiday, or just general creative plans. Most of all, I hope you laugh and enjoy! xo!


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