OMG We Bought A House: New Front Door & Smart Home Accessories!

For all the work we've put in over 3 seasons of OMG We Bought A House to make the inside of our home a tranquil, creative palace, it's about high time we got rid of our rusty red drawbridge of a door and ushered in more welcoming vibes with a new front door.

Since the LA rain is refusing to let us make any more progress on our yard and stucco plans, we're focusing on the little details that go a long way — like some living room updates (like these H&M pillows and this Overstock rug!!), some cool new tech toys, and oh yes, this bad boy of a brand new front door.

Come along on the journey with us! Watch the episode above and check out all the pics below.

What an amazing door mecca is Urban Doors?!! They have everything!

The smart lock Joey and I installed in our new front door unlocks with a numbered code (though it also has a manual key hole for a back up!), and has a handy feature where it relocks the door automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity. No sneak intruders here!

The installation process is super easy, and you can definitely do it yourself!