OMG We Bought A House! Bring In The Pros!

If you've been along this OMG We Bought A House! journey with us, you know we're gearing up to do some renovations in our first home. We want to do these changes responsibly which to us means spending the right amount of money (not too much) so we get a return on our investment when we go to sell the house in maybe 5 or so years. In this episode we invite our architect, Kurt Beckmeyer and our real estate agent, Peter Maurice over for a zen meeting and to give us their pro opinions on our dream changes!

Watch the video above and see the disappointments (attic) and what we're excited about (kitchen, master bathroom and garage). And follow me on Pinterest to see all the house renovation design brainstorming in action!

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MrKate_OMGMeetings-2 MrKate_OMGMeetings-5

Our blueprints amongst the zen-house-vibes-coffee-table meeting setting.

MrKate_OMGMeetings-6 MrKate_OMGMeetings-7

Can't wait to do some serious cosmetic fixes in the kitchen! We want to re-do the floors, cabinets and countertops and change the door to the side yard to more gracious and inviting.

MrKate_OMGMeetings-3 MrKate_OMGMeetings-8

Our master bathroom is begggging for a re-do. Can't wait to renovate the entire thing!

MrKate_OMGMeetings-11 MrKate_OMGMeetings-9

We want to turn the garage (that we don't use for our cars) into a gym, woman/man cave and drum room which Peter thinks will be a good investment!