OMG We're Coming Over: Hotel Glam Bedroom for Andrea's Choice!

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Sorry Annie Lennox, but sweet dreams are actually made of this. With two amazing loft transformations under our OMG We're Coming Over belt (first for Maya, then for Katie & Tom), Joey and I were so excited to help my friend Andrea (from the popular beauty/DIY YouTube channel Andrea's Choice) make over her DTLA bedroom into a soothing and sophisticated boudoir.

Andrea wanted to have a neutral color palette so she could have the freedom to change out pops of color with her DIY projects. Her high-rise apartment with excellent light was perfect for a tone on tone play of hotel-chic glamour. I'm obsessssed with this room and so is Andrea (as seen in the above video) and I hope you are too!

Check out the episode above and scroll down to see all the before and after pics!


Decode the Design:

You can see that the color palette is really bright because of the presence of tones of white and made even more glam with the presence of mixed metals. There are tones of grey and natural elements like the marble lamps and side table top and raw knobs that we added to the dresser. The gray tones also compliment the dark rug which needed to stay because this is a rental. The DIY stencil wall is a standout of the entire room and the organic pattern is a delicate contrast to the composed furniture pieces.


Tutorial for this super cool DIY Magnified Glitter Wall Art!


Check out this DIY Stencil technique!